A New Name.
A Continued Commitment.

Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Chemoil LLC, has been acquired by an investor group and is changing its name to Olympus Terminals LLC. As the second largest independent petroleum storage provider in Southern California, Olympus Terminals will continue to serve the greater Los Angeles area with a variety of refined products, including diesel, gasoline, renewables and biodiesel. Positioned for growth and service, the enterprise fuel terminal is ready to meet the demands required to store and deliver fuel in today’s world of high consumption and rigorous environmental standards.

Storing and
Since 1984

With a mission to provide the highest accountability in the industry, Olympus Terminals has a long history of storing and transporting clean petroleum product, fuel oils, crude oils, renewable fuels and chemical products. Three business units work together for seamless transport and storage.


Long Beach Marine Terminal

With nine storage tanks and a capacity of 520,000 barrels, the five-acre Long Beach Marine Terminal satisfies all American Petroleum Institute (API) inspection standards with level alarms and overfill protection. A marine vapor destruction unit can handle a 10,000-barrel-per-hour vessel loading rate.


Carson Terminal

This 15-acre site boasts 22 storage tanks as well as a vapor recovery tank. In addition, the site has a total storage capacity of 1,289,000 barrels. Loading and unloading is efficient with multiple loading and unloading racks, a biofuel in-line blending system and a truck scale on site.


Pipeline Network

An extensive pipeline network connects Long Beach Marine Terminal and Carson Terminal. The pipeline is also connected to local refineries and other terminals for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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